Elite Experience


    As an Elite member, you will come to enjoy a host of new benefits especially tailored to cater to your banking requirements. We not only promise superior service across our delivery channels but also offer preferential pricing for many common banking transactions.

     Relationship Manager 

    A dedicated and experienced Relationship Manager who will ensure that you receive personalized attention and advice concerning your banking needs

     Dedicated Service Area 

    To conduct simpler and differentiated experience, your banking needs will be served through dedicated centers, teller queues and hotlines.

    Elite Dedicated Center - Locations

     Alternative Channels

    Elite gives you access to the award winning internet banking services. You will enjoy instant access to your account and will be able to make a host of banking transactions securely and conveniently from anywhere at anytime, with our online banking, phone banking, and alternative channels services.

    Arabi Online - Internet banking

    24/7 Elite Call Center – Phone Banking

    ATMs Network 

     Preferential Services

    Elite service entitles you to a world of privileges and nowhere is this more evident than in our accounts’ offering. Not only are you entitled to fast-track processes for all your service requests, you also benefit from preferential pricing, including but not limited to; 

               - Higher interest rates on deposits 
               - Discounted fees on service requests