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Arab Bank launches a special offer to all “Arabi Junior” customers in collaboration with Abwaab online learning platform.

Now exclusively for "Arabi Junior" customers... Free subscription in "Abwaab" online learning platform, a service that allows students to learn at their own pace, test themselves and get ahead with expert tutors anytime and anywhere starting from grade 7 until grade 12 (Tawjihi).

Main benefits:

  • Arab bank offers “Arabi Junior” customers a host of banking and non banking benefits including a free subscription in Abwaab’s learning platform
  • This service provides state-of-the-art technology available in the MENA Region within the education sector and allows the student the ability to learn online via short and filmed lessons by top teachers in the region.
  • Abwaab’s online learning platform currently offers the National Jordanian Curriculum starting from Grade 7 up until Tawjihi level for subjects including Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. In addition, to Arabic and English languages.
  • Upon completing the registration process, Arabi mobile app will issue a key to “Abwaab’s online platform” for FREE that acts as a membership card that opens up for the student all subjects within the national Jordanian curriculum according to their studying grade level for the full academic year.

How to activate the service via Arabi Mobile App Click here

Competition Terms and conditions

1- The campaign period is 2 weeks ( from 30/05/2021 till 13/06/2021)

2- This competition is exclusively offered for Arabi junior Customers who have activated their codes through their Arabi Junior accounts will be eligible to take part.

3- The winners will be choose based on the highest number of correct questions solved during the campaign period.

4- Students have access to wide range of quizzes and tests on Abwaab

5- The more questions you get correct, the more likely you are to win

6- The total number of winners are 3 winners.

7-  In case of a tie, a random draw will be conducted to select the winner

8- The eligible customers will get the chance to win one of the following:

  • First place prize – 1000 JOD
  • Second Place prize – 300 JOD
  • Third place Prize – 200 JOD

- General Conditions:

4.1 Arab Bank reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of the campaign at any time.

4.2  Arab Bank reserves the right to end the campaign in whole or in part, and withdraw the offer, with a prior notification to all customers accordingly

4.3  The prizes are not transferable from the winning customer to any other customer under any circumstance.

4.4 The draws will take place two weeks after the end of the competition.