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Retirement Insurance Plans

We all dream of comfort and well-fare for our future. But nowadays, it is becoming difficult to keep up with the constantly increasing cost of living. Did you think of ways to maintain a good standard of living in your golden years?

Arab Bank in cooperation with Al Nisr Al Arabi Insurance Company offers you the retirement plans “Jana El Omr” & Jana El Omr Plus which provide you peace of mind whilst saving for your retirement whereby you deposit regular monthly payments, depending on your monthly income, into your Plan. These monthly payments accumulate over the years added to them the dividends declared to formulate a bulk amount of money which will help finance your golden years and protect your family.

For more info about “Jana El Omr” plan click here

For more info about “Jana El Omr Plus” plan click here

How to Apply

  • Through our Online Application Form
  • Call our Customer Care Center on 4600900
  • Visit any of our branches (visit our Branch Locator page here)

For any inquiries, please call our Customer Care Center on 4600900 or 0791600900.