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"Arabi MobiCash" is a mobile payment service, designed to be an easy, convenient and secure payment method. It is designed to complement your lifestyle by making payments easy without compromising your security and without the need to carry cash or your cards.

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This service allows you to make payments via your smartphone and through debit and credit cards at selected merchants who accept payments through “Arabi MobiCash” service and provides you with a host of features including:

  • Simple, fast and a secure modern mobile payment method
  • Can be linked to any card type (Visa and MasterCard), and you can add as many cards as you like (credit, debit, prepaid, etc.)
  • Environment friendly, No need for printed receipts.
  • Provides detailed reports and dashboards of all transactions.
  • Account can be set up through the app without the need to visit the Bank.
  • Allows customers to pick up the bill from the merchant and pay it without the need of physical presence at the merchant’s site. 
Now and until end of 2022...Double the rewards points with “Arabi Points” program when paying via “Arabi MobiCash” app!

Download Arabi MobiCash application today through:

To view the list of merchants where this service is available at, please Click Here

If you are a merchant and would like to inquire about this service and enroll your shop/company please Click Here

For more information, please call our Customer Care Center on 4600900