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"Arabi Pay" app is a social payment app that allows transferring payments through social apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, emails and Instagram. The transactions are conducted via a special keyboard designed specifically for smartphones.

"Arabi Pay" app introduces a shortcut created on the users’ keyboards, allowing them to conduct a seamless transaction experience, by providing them with instant access to Arab Bank’s money transfer service using any social/chatting app.

Forget the hassle of switching from one app to another – just tap "Arabi Pay" on your keyboard, select a contact, input an amount and emoji to describe the payment, then authenticate the transaction; all from one place. Funds are then immediately transferred and debited to the receiver’s bank account.

Key Features:

1. Standalone app: providing easy registration simply by logging in using your existing Arab Bank mobile banking credentials (username / password)
2. Manage subscription: you can change your funding account linked to your "Arabi Pay" account at any time
3. View transaction history: including all incoming and outgoing transactions conducted via "Arabi Pay" app
4. Security: "Arabi Pay" app is designed to keep your private information safe; it supports the same security metrics as "Arabi Mobile" app, so you can sit back and enjoy the ride with "Arabi Pay" app!

Keyboard App:

1. Simple and seamless: integrates into your smartphone’s keyboard for easier access
2. Money transfer: direct money transfer and debit within Arab Bank accounts network
3. Select contact: choose a contact from the saved contacts menu on your phone
4. Input Amount: simply enter the amount you would like to transfer to your contact
5. Choose the emoji: to express the reason for payment to your friend or family member
6. Authenticate transaction: you will be able to complete a transaction by either Face or Touch ID - based on your mobile device authentication mechanism

The initial scope of service is as follows:

1. The user must be a client of Arab Bank in Jordan
2. The user must be subscribed to the bank’s "SMS Express" service
3. The user must have "Arabi Mobile" app username and password (the user will be required to sign up through "Arabi Mobile" app or "Arabi Online" service credentials upon registration to "Arabi Pay")

Arabi Pay supports the following languages:

- English
- Arabic


Terms and conditions apply.

If you would like to learn more about Arabi Pay, please visit our FAQ page.