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You are now a few minutes away from your instant personal loan from Arab Bank! This new service allows you to apply and get your instant personal loan any time, any day, anywhere in the world.

Interest rate starting from 6.99% - terms and conditions apply.

Whether it is for your university tuition, fixing your car, a quick vacation, or new furniture for your house, you can apply for this loan on Arabi Mobile, and you will receive the money in your account within minutes.

If you are not using Arabi Mobile Application yet! Download Now:

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Main benefits:

How to apply for an instant personal loan:

  1. After signing in to Arabi Mobile, You can apply for an instant loan from products and programs under more menu , then loans and loan services
  2. Choose the loan type: Personal, then click on the plus button to start with the application.
  3. On the Initiation Page, set all loan details and press “calculate” button to know your monthly payments, and then edit your loan details accordingly.
  4. After entering all details and confirming the email address, read and accept the terms and conditions for this service.
  5. On the Loan Offer page, review all details, and if you want to proceed, click on Accept Loan Offer on the bottom of the screen.
  6. On the Contracting page, accept the contract to get the disbursement activated.
  7. Continue to accept all tabs in the contracting screen until all checks turn to green, and the disbursement button will be activated.
  8. After clicking on “Disburse”, a popup message will appear on the screen to confirm the application. You can’t cancel after this step.The system will send you a text massage containing a password for one time to confirm and implementing the loan
  9. The system will send you a one-time password in a text message to confirm and implement the loan
  10. A popup message will appear on the screen informing you that your application has been successfully submitted and the money will credited to your account in 15 minutes, in addition to receiving a copy of loan documents on your confirmed email after disbursing the amount 

To apply for the Instant Personal Loan, you have to be fit for the following criteria:

Following are the loan limits based on the program:

Loan Tenor:
Starting from 6 months, up to a maximum of 60 months.