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The first banking service of its kind in Jordan… NFC “Contactless” technology is now available at a wide range of Arab Bank ATMs

A wide range of Arab Bank ATM offers the feature of accepting contactless debit cards and contactless payment bracelets in addition to contactless mobile stickers for faster and more secure use of our ATM services. With this feature, you will be able to conduct your transactions simply by waving the contactless debit card, bracelet or mobile sticker on any of Arab Bank NFC-enabled ATMs.

How to use Arab Bank NFC-enabled ATM:

  • Step 1: Wave your debit card, bracelet or mobile sticker on the NFC (Contactless) sign on the ATM that has the NFC-enabled technology.
  • Step 2: Enter your PIN code as usual and proceed with the service you want from the list of services provided by Arab Bank ATMs.

This service is currently available at the following ATMs:

Al Madina St. Branch Abdoun Branch Mecca Mall Branch Orthodox Club Branch
Khalda Branch Taj Mall branch Abdali Mall Branch Wehdat Branch
Dabouq Smart Branch Swelih Branch Jabal Amman Branch Avenue Mall Branch
Jabal Al Hussein Branch Abu Nseir Branch Rawnaq Branch Galleria Mall Branch
Jubiha Branch Bayader Branch Gardens Branch Jabal Al Weibdeh Branch
Down Town Branch Airport Road Branch Marj Alhamam Branch Arab Medical Center Branch
Tareq Branch Shmesani Branch Om Utheinah Branch Madaba St. Branch
Gardens Branch City Mall Branch University of Jordan Branch   
5th Circle Branch Swifieh Branch Nuzha Branch  
Rabieh Branch Huria Mall Branch Mecca St. Branch  


For more, view the following promotional video:

This service is currently available for Arab Bank’s Debit cards, bracelets and mobile stickers. In addition to other local banks debit cards.

If your current Arab Bank debit card is not equipped with the contactless feature, you can easily issue a new debit card with the contactless feature  in less than 3 minutes and free of charge via the Transactional Kiosk machines available at our branches in: Dabouq, Airport road, Um Uthina (Jewelry Shops Street).  Abdali Mall & Taj Mall. For more details about this service click here.

Terms and conditions apply.

You can request the Contactless Bracelet or the Mobile Sticker from selected Arab Bank branches. To view the list of branches that offer the service click here

*To view the daily maximum limits allowed for payment, purchases, withdrawals, or cash deposits, using NFC “Contactless” technology, click here

For more information, please call our Customer Care Center on 4600900